AlphaBATオンラインライブwith you アーカイブ配信決定!



AlphaBAT オンラインライブ「with youのアーカイブ配信が決定いたしました!









★アーカイブ配信期間 : 3月28日12時〜29日22時


【AlphaBATオンラインライブwith you


チケット料金:5,000円 (システム利用料別)







アーカイブチケット購入期限 : 各公演終了後〜3月29日 20時まで



※決済手段: クレジットカード、口座振り込み(振り込みの場合は29日の15時までに受付をお済ませくださいますようお願いいたします。)









AlphaBAT online live "with you" archive delivery decision!


A gift from AlphaBAT has arrived for everyone who can't watch the online live on March 27th in real time!

The archive distribution of AlphaBAT online live "with you" has been decided!


For those who unfortunately cannot watch due to work or another schedule on the day of the live

We will deliver an archive that you can enjoy live again at a later date!

If you have purchased a ticket once

You can watch the live performance as many times as you like from March 28th (12:00) to 29th (22:00)!


Of course, everyone who has already purchased the ticket can also watch it!


★ Archive delivery period: March 28th 12:00 to 29th 22:00


[Alpha BAT online live "with you"]


Ticket fee: 5,000 yen (excluding system usage fee)


[Archive ticket purchase page]


■ 1 copies


■ 2 copies


Archive ticket purchase deadline: After each performance-March 29, until 20:00


* Membership registration for the distribution platform "plapla LIVE" is required (free of charge)

* Payment method: Credit card, bank transfer (In the case of transfer, please complete the reception by 15:00 on the 29th.)

* Customers who have already purchased tickets can also watch the archive distribution.

* For other details, please see the purchase page above.

* The contents are different between the 1st and 2nd copies.


■ Inquiries about performances

Check out the FAQ on